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September 13, Rating: The biggest rush job in the history of rush jobs? Almost nothing that went down in this finale made me want to come back for season 3. Not even the promise of more screen time for that mountain of Nordic manflesh. It was that damn disappointing, and it left me with the same bad aftertaste the drink did. Not a damn bit of it made a lick of sense to me. If you needed a virgin supernatural, Maryann, why did you deflower him instead of getting him ready for sacrifice? This was the worst attempt at tying up a long in the tooth storyline. This HAD to be last minute. Oh, no, my friends!

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So here it is. My top ten favorite vampire-centric series. Already, I have a confession. I tried to number them in order of favorites, but really, that was too hard since I liked so many of them equally. Oh and, yeah ok, I also cheated cause there are more than 10 this is also a discussion on my Facebook page , so comment here, or join me there, and maybe we can change this list even more!

This is one series that I can easily read again and again.

From her screaming her head off last week, I figured Sookie was going to want a break from Bill, and she did indeed break up with him at the start of the episode, very tearfully, admitting that him forcibly draining her of blood was the last straw.

She meets and falls in love with Bill Compton , a vampire to whom she is attracted partly because she cannot read his mind. Sookie saves Bill from Denise and Mack Rattray who intend to drain their victim’s blood for use as a narcotic. Sookie is later attacked by the Rattrays but Bill saves Sookie and kills her attackers. Several murders occur in Bon Temps with Sookie’s brother Jason and Bill both becoming suspects due to the presence of fang marks on the victims and to their previous relationships with Jason.

After Jason is arrested, Sookie visits a vampire bar, Fangtasia, in an attempt to discover if any vampires knew the victims. Sookie meets vampire sheriff Eric Northman , who discovers her telepathy. Sookie uses this ability to help Eric discover that vampire Long Shadow has been embezzling from Fangtasia. A confrontation ensues and Eric saves Sookie’s life by staking Long Shadow when he attacks her. Sookie discovers her Gran, Adele , has been murdered. Bill leaves to improve his position in the vampire hierarchy.

Sookie discovers that her boss, Sam, is a shape-shifter. While Bill is gone, Sookie discovers that the murderer is her brother’s friend Rene Lenier.

TRUE BLOOD Real Life Shocker: Sookie and Bill Get Married!! – News

Did Bill really have to condemn Eric to death in the first place? Pam gives up Eric to Bill I always pictured Pam, and I believe rightly so, as being loyal to the death and willing to lay down her life down for her maker. After all, she was tough enough to face the Magister like she did.

After an intense quarrel scene that involved Stephen Moyer’s character (a year-old vampire named Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin’s (a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse) Stephen finally confirmed that he and Anna are dating in real life.

Tuesday, May 10, Charlaine Harris: Even though I know that Charlaine Harris is a truly troubled woman, after reading the Aurora Teagarden and Shakespeare series, I still could not wait to read this book. Of course I have to share my thoughts with you because Harris inspires snark like no other writer I have ever read. Spoilers ahead, you have been warned. All right, I will start off my saying that Harris is clearly bored with this series. The characters that we have spent so many books getting to know do not act like themselves.

Eric is violent without reason and constantly needs Sookie to place her hand on him to calm him down. He even goes as far as to become violent with Pam, when a simple command would render her helpless to disobey his orders. What is really weird about this, is that the relationship between Pam and Eric has always seemed like a friendship based on mutual respect, even though he is her creator.

Then there is Bill, who believes that Sookie would win the Miss America best tits competition. Yes, the vampire that Harris has spent so long constructing as a true southern gentleman actually said that.

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Jun 24, , 1: Click through to read about a few of them. The pair were more or less together for three seasons, until Eric Northman came between them. In real-life, nothing has come between Paquin and Moyer, who fell in love while filming the series, married in , and had twins, Charlie and Poppy, in We will always have this. Even though Eric and Sookie waited until Season 4 to share their first kiss, things got hot and heavy soon after.

Sookie hears the selfish and mean thoughts of the locals that blame her for dating Bill during the funeral of her grandmother and she has a breakdown during her speech. Bill and Sam dispute Sookie and offer to protect her against an eventual attack of the serial killer.

I noticed in the preview for the finale next week, that they are already setting up some of the major themes in Charlaine Harris’ second book “Living Dead In Dallas”. Lafayette was the cook at Merlotte’s Bar, where Sookie waited on tables. Andy was a police detective who left his car at the bar because he was too drunk to drive it home. Now Bon Temps, Louisiana is a small rural town, where murders are mercifully rare.

However, anything like this is bound to be a major headache for Sookie, who is telepathic, and whose boyfriend is Vampire Bill, the town’s major predator. Make that ex-predator; Bill is one of the good people, getting his nourishment from artificial blood these days.

Behind ‘True Blood’: Charlaine Harris discusses her Sookie Stackhouse series

Now Stephen Moyer’s character doesn’t want to take the cure for Hep V. But would the series’ creators really let Anna Paquin’s true love die from the deadly disease? We take a look back at the evolution of Bill and Sookie’s relationship going back to the very beginning. Will Sookie and Bill end up together? But their conversation is going to be cut short because the Yakuza are coming for Sookie.

My Sookie Stackhouse Theory @neuroticvirgo — February 19, As I watched old episodes of season 1 and observed Sookie and Bills relationship at the start, it occurred to me that Sookie is a classic Virgo. Almost impossible to catch, but once you have her she loves HARD to the point of lunacy. Also eric in real life is a virgo by the.

I also reread the series each time a new book comes out to keep refreshing. Most were great book. A few of her more recent ones left me a little hungry for more as they didnt really hit the spot but they were OK. I was excited for this book hoping Miss Harris would really expand upon the work she had done in her previous books and tie up some of the loose plot lines. Sadly, I feel this book left me feeling both disspaointed and extremely hungry because it wasnt even an appetizer.

Without giving spoilers and ruining it for others, like some of the reviewers I felt there was simply too much going on all at once. I love exciting plotlines and twists and lots of action as much as the next reader. However, I felt in this novel it was overkill. Miss Harris opened 20 different cans of worms at once; exciting yes, but also exhausting and confusing.

There wasn’t just one climatic moment; there were about 25 so each time made you wonder if this was it-except you still have pages left. The end I felt was almost anticlimactic and a little disjointed. CRAZY ending, big show down, throw down and then it just sorta stops? Not quite a fade but you finished the book thinking huh? Should it really have ended there?

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Ask Anne Jan 6, Question: Imagine my devastation over it coming to an end. Said he had no other choice.

I still remember the first scene from the first book, Dead Until Dark, where Bill Compton walks into Merlotte’s and changes Sookie’s life forever. In some ways, Sookie hasn’t changed much; she’s still trying to be the best person she can, to live up to the example .

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OMG! The First 3 Minutes Of True Blood Season 4 Has Been Leaked!!

As per the usual, airport security only needed to be told I was the Sheriff of Area 5 and that a fugitive, traveling under an assumed name, was about to land before they pointed me to the correct tarmac. His box with a silver mesh exterior was strapped with silver belts to keep Vampires from having access to him. His companion was less than pleased.

Mar 13,  · Dead in the Family is book 10 in the Southern Vampire Series featuring Sookie Stackhouse. Not published until May, this is your chance to get your eager, readerly hands on an early copy and find out just what happens next to Sookie, Eric, Bill and all our other fav characters after the end of the brief but deadly Faery War before anyone else.

August 28, at 3: August 28, at It has departed so far from the book, only the characters’ names remain. While I realize the actors playing Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin wanted to return to the show, their return served only to muddle plot lines and take time away from main characters. True Blood started to seriously tank at the conclusion of Season 3.

The show needs to refocus on the main characters with the thought-provoking, creative plot lines similar to Season 2.

Sookie Stackhouse: No Romantic Engame?

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Bill Compton starts dating Portia Bellefleur; they start having sex. Bill later finds out that Portia is actually his great-great-great-great granddaughter, so he had sex with his blood relative.

True Blood While the Sookie Stackhouse of the books is a true heroine, willing to risk herself for those she loves, and is often the girl with the plan, so to speak, are you at all disappointed that True Blood seems to present her as the damsel in distress? Charlaine Harris I don’t see her as that in the TV show, myself. She’s certainly as brave as my Sookie. Who is YOUR favourite character? Do you wish any of the True Blood characters that didn’t originate or were killed off early LOL from the Southern Vampire Mysteries had been your creations?

I know that I adore Lafayette’s character and cannot imagine the series without him. Are there any characters you’ve seen and gone

True Blood Episode 7 – Bill shows Sookie his hiding place

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