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Page 2 of 2 Revised on: May 16, – This is locally designated as the Upper Unit. From about feet bgs to near 1, feet bgs are weakly consolidated silt, silty sand, and gravel layers with locally-occurring moderately to well-cemented siltstone associated with former of playa, alluvial fan, and fluvial deposits. This is locally designated as the Middle Unit. An unconfined regional aquifer upper water bearing zone exists over a portion of the former WAFB. Perched water is found in some portions of the Upper Unit. In areas where the aquitard does not exist, the Middle Unit aquifer is the first hydrogeologic water bearing layer that is encountered. Historically, groundwater levels in the vicinity of the former Williams AFB have fluctuated as groundwater pumping volumes increased and decreased. Static groundwater, circa , was reported to be approximately 80 feet below ground surface near the site.

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A Cuckoo in the Nest: The departure was not unduly prolonged. Spoker hastily imparted to Mrs. Love a few final sentiments […] ; a deep, guttural instigation to the horse; and the wheels of the waggonette crunched heavily away into obscurity. The Economist , volume , number One of the hidden glories of Victorian engineering is proper drains.

The father of the freed soldier – who former colleagues claim was a deserter – said he was speaking Arabic and Pashto because his son’s English was poor after five years in captivity.

There are two main varieties of Burushaski: The grammatical structure of Burushaski is reminiscent both of that of the Caucasian languages and that of Basque today spoken only in southwestern France and northern Spain , however, it has not yet been possible to prove genetic relationship either with these or any other languages.

Text Volume, Corpus Inscr. Burushaski contains numerous words borrowed from neighboring languages at various times. Today, Urdu and English loanwords find their way into Burushaski at an increasing rate. There is a large number of Iranian loanwords, mostly borrowed from Persian Dari via Urdu, cf. Older speakers still pronounce many Persian loanwords with phonetic changes that go beyond regular sound substitution, e.

About one dozen words have been borrowed from Wakhi, which is spoken by a minority in the northern part of the Hunza valley, e. Borrowing from other Iranian languages took place sporadically see Morgenstierne apud Lorimer, p. In some cases the exact source cannot be determined:

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To convert a date from the Gregorian to the Hejrah-e shamsi or Hejrah-e qamari calendar one can use the following reference dates: The 1st Hammal of the year 1 in the Hejrah-e shamsi calendar corresponds to the 1st Muharram of the year 1 in the Hejrah-e qamari calendar and to the 21st March in the Gregorian calendar 1th January in the Gregorian calendar corresponds to the 11th Jadi in the Hejrah-e shamsi calendar and to 24th Ramadan of the year in the Hejrah-e qamari calendar.

Afghan holidays Public holidays: These holidays are defined in article 18 of the Afghan constitution from

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While it is closely related to Farsi, Dari, and Tajik all of these are part of the greater “Persian” language, but we’ll get to this later , it is not mutually intelligible. The relationship between Farsi, Dari, and Tajik though you didn’t mention it, it’s relevant to the question is a bit nebulous. All three are considered forms of the Persian Language I tend to only use the term “Persian” to refer to the language in its broadest sense, while some use it to refer to the language of Iran specifically , and are mutually intelligible to a great extent.

As you know, Persian language and culture has had a great influence on Pakistan and India, for that matter , leading to the use of so many Persian words in Urdu. There are plenty of Persian-derived words in Hindi too, though most of them were filtered through Urdu. There is some debate as to whether Farsi, Dari, and Tajik are actually three distinct languages, or just dialects of a larger language Persian. They’re generally classed as individual languages, if solely for political reasons.

Just like with Hindi and Urdu and, to a lesser extent, Bihari , the differences between the three are mostly superficial lexical deviations, and the fact that Tajik is customarily written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The grammatical structures and morphology, however, are nearly identical across the three languages, and a speaker of one is likely to understand a speaker of one of the other two, though he probably wouldn’t be able to replicate the language too effectively.

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