Margot Laughton Euthanasia In Australia you can end up in court for keeping an animal that is suffering pain and is beyond medical recovery but you can also go to jail for helping to end the life of a human being that is suffering the same pain. The Northern Territory introduced their famous euthanasia legislation in the s to allow terminally ill people to end their suffering but the Federal Government in Canberra used their powers to overturn any decision made by the Northern Territory as it is not a state and only has limited self-government and the laws were swiftly repealed. He also wrote a book titled ‘ The Peaceful Pill Handbook ‘ but had his first print run confiscated at customs arriving back from the U. Fuel truck must travel alone Ferry across the Daintree river On the Daintree river ferry in north Queensland the local council regulations say that trucks carrying fuel have to travel on the ferry alone, with no other vehicles or passengers, even if it is peak time and queues are built up on both sides of the river. This while the fuel truck sits in the normal queue before it reaches the ferry with people walking around the truck smoking cigarettes, but then on the ferry where smoking is not allowed the fuel truck has to travel alone! What sounds safer to you? Walking around a fuel truck on the road with a cigarette in your hand, or sitting next to a fuel truck on the ferry in your car while you are not smoking?

Abortion legalised in Queensland

If the bill passes, abortion would be removed from the Criminal Code and become strictly a health issue. Read Ms Lauga’s speech below. The current law in Queensland negatively impacts the accessibility and availability of termination services by causing fear and stigma for women and reluctance by some health practitioners to provide such services. This law also disproportionately impacts women who are already disadvantaged, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women in rural, regional and remote areas and women in low socioeconomic groups.

All kinds of women seek termination of pregnancy. These women include religious women, mothers, grandmothers, young women, older women, single women, women with children, married women, unemployed women, employed women and women who were against abortion before they knew they were pregnant.

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Because the majority of people who have contacted me have lied and therefore wasted my time; rarely thanked me for my time and advice; rarely cared about my own situation; and treated me rudely, I am no longer prepared to respond to ‘phone calls and emails about the legal status of a dog or any companion animal. If after reading the information I have provided on this web page you are still uncertain about your legal ownership, please consult with a private solicitor or a community legal centre.

I am the legal owner of Beau and this will never change because I have not willingly nor legally sold Beau nor passed legal ownership of Beau over to someone else, including any organisation involved in the handling, treatment and re-homing of dogs. The stealing of a dog is a crime. However even though they considered this highly unlikely the Police recommended I wait to see if Beau was found from my advertising that week before the crime report was completed.

On 8 July the Police completed the crime report and issued me with a Police Crime report number. Beau was then a legally stolen dog under Australian law. The completion of a Police crime report is very important. Otherwise the case will fall into a civil law dispute rather than criminal law. Under criminal law, when the location of the stolen dog is determined, the Police can organise a search warrant so that the dog cannot be harmed or moved on, enter the premises and return the stolen dog to his or her legal owner.

Buying and selling a property with asbestos

More Does asbestos in a property have any impact on its value? No matter what anyone tells you, the buyer dictates demand, and if the buyer is spooked by asbestos then it will be a problem. The days of gung-ho purchasers who aren’t fazed by the dangers of asbestos are almost over. Building inspectors have an obligation to point out its presence, and while they will also tell you everything is OK unless you disturb it, disturbing it could be as simple as putting up a picture hook.

You asked for information about parental rights and responsibilities regarding their 16 and 17 year old children. You also asked whether 16 and 17 year olds are eligible for public defender services and whether their parents’ income and assets are considered in determining their eligibility.

History[ edit ] Signing the marriage register, In colonial New South Wales marriage was often an arrangement of convenience. For female convicts, marriage was a way of escaping incarceration. Land leases were denied to those who were unmarried. The Marriage Act Cth was the first federal law on the matter and set uniform Australia-wide rules for the recognition and solemnisation of marriages.

In its current form, the Act recognises only monogamous heterosexual or same-sex marriages and does not recognise any other forms of union, such as traditional Aboriginal marriages [7] or polygamous marriages. The Family Law Act Cth made it easier to divorce and removed the concept of fault, requiring only a twelve-month period of separation. It defined marriage as “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. Until the enactment of the amendment, there was no definition in the Act of “marriage”, and the common law definition used in the English case Hyde v Hyde was taken as applicable.

The Act also reversed the Amendment and retrospectively recognised same-sex marriages performed in a foreign country, provided that such marriages were permitted under the laws of that foreign country. Any female employee was required to resign upon marrying. This bar restricted women’s opportunities for promotion. It was lifted in after a long campaign. By this figure had dropped to one quarter.

In , more than one woman in five had not married by the age of

Buying and selling a property with asbestos

Dating abuse also known as dating violence, intimate partner violence, or relationship abuse is a pattern of abusive behaviors — usually a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time — used to exert power and control over a dating partner. Every relationship is different, but the things that unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common are issues of power and control.

Violent words and actions are tools an abusive partner uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner. Any young person can experience dating abuse or unhealthy relationship behaviors, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, ethnicity, religion or culture. There are some warning signs that can help you identify if your relationship is unhealthy or abusive, including the examples below.

Independence equals success for women in the dating game. according to University of Queensland research. Professor Matthew Hornsey, from UQ’s School of Psychology, Richard Wellauer and Dr Jason McIntyre ran several studies testing the attractiveness of various dating .

Queensland women will now be able to choose to have an abortion without risking criminal prosecution. The laws passed in state parliament will allow women to request an abortion up to 22 weeks gestation and also beyond, if the medical practitioner performing the termination has consulted with a second medical practitioner and both agree the abortion should be performed. The changes also establish safe zones around clinics and medical facilities offering the procedure to stop staff and patients being harassed by anti-abortion activists.

The laws took two full days to debate, with dozens of MPs wanting to speak to the bill and were eventually passed with 50 MPs voting for and 41 against. But the most shocking thing about the vote is gender divide between the “yes” and “no” votes. Only six female MPs voted against the bill, with the other 35 no votes belonging to men.

The majority of those who voted for the bill were female MPs. The list of how MPs voted. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the changes will ensure women can access safe and legal terminations without fear or stigma. The Palaszczuk Government is proud to deliver on our election commitment to modernise and clarify the laws around termination of pregnancy,” Ms Palaszczuk said on Wednesday night, “because I believe, and I have always believed, a woman should be able to talk to her doctor about her own health and her own body without it being a crime.

Mr Nicholls told reporters after the vote that he thought he had made the right decision. Now The Greens and women’s rights activists are putting pressure on the NSW Government to follow the example of Queensland and decriminalise abortion. She added access to safe, affordable and legal abortion services should be a right for all women in NSW.

Queensland Corrective Services

Pre-nineteenth century[ edit ] Indigenous Australians are believed to have lived in coastal South East Queensland for 32, years, with an estimated population between 6, and 20, individuals before white settlement. On 17 July , Flinders landed at what is now known as Woody Point , which he named “Red Cliff Point” after the red-coloured cliffs visible from the bay. The newly selected Brisbane region, at the time, was plagued by mosquitos. These immigrants were selected and assisted through immigration programs established by John Dunmore Lang and Johann Christian Heussler and were offered free passage, good wages and selections of land.

He formed additional outstations and made several important journeys of exploration. He is also infamous for his extreme use of the Cat o’ nine tails on convicts.

International law is the set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and between nations. It serves as a framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations. International law differs from state-based legal systems in that it is primarily applicable to countries rather than to private citizens.

Find out about Australia’s legal system. Use the Parliamentary Library’s Criminal law internet resource guide to find links to national criminal law sites in Australia and abroad, and issues such as mandatory sentencing and firearms. Visit the FindLaw Australia portal for legal research, legal reference sources, international legal materials, regulation and other law-related information. Visit the new Australian legal information gateway, WebLaw , a co-operative subject index to Internet resources for Australian legal researchers.

Australian Law Online provides access to Australian government legal information and services. Family Law Online has information on family law. Lawstuff provides information on how Australian laws apply to under 18s. Search useful legal resources from the Law library, University of Queensland, for a range of law-related sites.

The ‘nutty’ list of words that Queensland sex workers aren’t allowed to use in adverts

The whole process from start to finish can be summarized in the following diagram: How do you separate? So how do you legally separate?

Apr 27,  · So I’m 16 and I’ve been seeing this 21 year old and everyone is making a big deal about it because apparently there’s a law that a minor can’t date someone 3 years (let alone 5 Status: Open.

Brisbane Energy retailers will be “screaming blue murder” after they were excluded from a deal designed to slash power prices in Queensland’s south-east, an economist says. Households would be able to get a 25 per cent discount on power bills as part of the deal the State Government brokered to get interstate retailer Alinta Energy to enter the south-east market. As part of the deal, Alinta will use wholesale electricity from government-owned CS Energy. The move was designed to boost competition and tackle rising power prices, but economist Nick Behrens said the deal was not fair.

Energy providers were reluctant to comment when contacted by the ABC, until they saw the finer details of the deal. However, Nick Behrens said he believed those retailers would now be trying to negotiate a similar deal themselves. And he said they had another course of action, if they believed the Queensland Government had breached competitive neutrality principles.

State Government Treasurer and acting Energy Minister Curtis Pitt said other retailers were free to seek a similar or even better deal, but would not say if CS Energy was supplying Alinta with taxpayer-owned electricity at a discounted price. Mr Moore says the deal will return benefits to the taxpayer. Mr Behrens tried, unsuccessfully, to win LNP preselection for a state seat earlier this year.

Independence equals success for women in the dating game

Do I need legal advice? You may need legal advice if: The following organisations may also be able to give legal advice. South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre offers basic help and advice on a range of legal matters including family law, domestic violence, child protection and youth criminal law advocacy services. Lawmail is an online legal advice service for young people giving free legal advice to people under 18 via email.

YFS Legal gives legal information and advice to young people under

Legal experts have warned parts of proposed laws to decriminalise abortion in Queensland could be found unconstitutional. A state parliamentary committee conducted a public hearing in Brisbane on.

The Mabo Case was a significant legal case in Australia that recognised the land rights of the Meriam people, traditional owners of the Murray Islands which include the islands of Mer, Dauer and Waier in the Torres Strait. The Mabo Case challenged the existing Australian legal system from two perspectives: On the assumption that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had no concept of land ownership before the arrival of British colonisers in terra nullius.

That sovereignty delivered complete ownership of all land in the new Colony to the Crown, abolishing any existing rights that may have existed previously. The Supreme Court judge hearing the case was Justice Moynihan. The hearing was adjourned when Eddie Mabo and the people of Mer brought a second case to the High Court challenging the constitutional validity of the Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act As a result the High Court had to consider whether the Queensland legislation was valid and effective.

The Dating Contract – UQ Law Revue 2009

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